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Building Communities

Catalyst promotes the development of workforce, and affordable housing projects throughout Florida 

A Different Business Model

Building Redefined 


At Catalyst, development is not simply about constructing communities. It's about building communities and the people who call them home by designing neighborhoods that nurture and inspire, and creating opportunities for entrepreneurs who want to participate in the revitalization of their communities. Catalyst does this on two fronts: A conventional real estate investment, management, and development company with an unconventional vision for the future of the industry, and a nonprofit lending and talent development firm that arms emerging developers, business owners, and mission-aligned organizations with the knowledge, network, and access to capital they need to build better communities.  

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Workforce and Affordable Housing

Housing at the Heart 


Opportunity begins when people have a safe and stable place to call home.  Housing is central to everything from economic prosperity to physical and mental health. Catalyst promotes the development of workforce and affordable housing by providing innovative capital solutions, creative thinking, and a collaborative approach to the often complex challenges that owners and developers of multifamily housing face. 


Development Services

Developing the Next Generation of Developers 


Another way to build more workforce and affordable housing is to build more development companies focused on housing. With this idea in mind, Catalyst has created the Real Estate Development Training Academy  to offer funding, technical, and educational support to developers and real estate entrepreneurs looking to build and invest in high-quality workforce and affordable multifamily properties located primarily in LMI communities. The training program offers online training courses and one-on-one mentorship, with funding and ongoing support available to graduates of the program. 

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