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Partnering with Catalyst

Catalyst Collaboration 


Catalyst partners with banks, credit unions, municipalities and other mission-aligned organizations to develop and manage community development loan programs. 

Small Business Loan Funds

Creating economic development programs


Catalyst works with municipalities to create economic development programs, including microenterprise loan funds, using CDBG and other program funds. Catalyst can help develop program guidelines, process applications, and manage the disbursement and servicing of loans. 

Business Meeting

Public Private Partnerships

Partnering with public agencies to create funding programs for under-served communities


Catalyst works with municipalities and public agencies to develop and administer funding prorgrams for microenterprises and small businesses located within, or providing goods and services to, low- and moderate-income communities.  

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Expanding Lending Platforms

Partnering with banks and credit unions to offer flexible funding options


Catalyst partners with banks, credit unions and other commercial lenders to offer loans and other funding options to small businesses that are not yet qualified for conventional loans. We help banks and credit unions develop risk management strategies that allow them to extend credit to start-ups and small businesses that otherwise wouldn't qualify under current guidelines. 

Public Agencies
Banks & Credit Unions
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