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Catalyst Community Capital, Inc. | 936 South Howard Ave., 202 | Tampa, FL 33606 | (813) 670-3223 | info@catalystcd.com


Our Strategies

Catalyst invests in projects and people that make a difference. We are a provider of debt and equity capital, as well as a developer of mid- and large-scale projects real estate projects. In many respects we are contrarians, often willing to pursue opportunities that others have ignored due to factors such as location, industry, property type, and transaction complexity. 



Our thesis is that opportunities can be discovered and risks can be identified, assessed, and mitigated by using advanced technology and analytical tools, such as predictive models and risk algorithms, to comb through and analyze vast amounts of primary and alternative data. 

Our Approach

Our Services

Catalyst goes where many other lenders won't go, and provides financing for projects that often have a hard time attracting competitively priced capital. As a mission driven developer and a lender, we're able to see opportunities where others see too much risk. The Catalyst team's deep understanding of finance and government programs allows us to creatively structure transactions utilizing multiple sources of capital, including tax credits and economic development incentives. Our core business is comprised of two verticals: Lending and Development. 

Our Markets